Free Gambrel Barn Plans – Don't Jeopardize Your Project With Free Gambrel Barn Plans

Is it a good idea to construct your barn with free gambrel barn plans? Before you make that mistake, think about it.  With a quality set of plans you will finish the project faster and be at or under budget, everyone knows this. So, why would you even consider building your barn with free blueprints?

A while ago, I found a couple of different free gambrel barn plans online and they were worth what I paid for them. You could barely read the ‘detailed’ drawings. The set didn’t include a materials list, so I would have to figure out the quantities of what I needed myself. And there were no cut charts at all.

Free plans may cut costs now, but when it comes time for construction they could end up being a terrible money pit. You will actually save money on materials if you have a materials list that tells you exactly how much wood, nails, etc you need. If you purchase plans, you will get a chart that tells you exactly how to cut your wood so you don’t have a lot of scrap wood left over. Scrap wood equals wasted money. A lot more money that you would spend on a set of good plans.

Furthermore, most free plans are pretty worthless because they don’t comply with building codes. If you get caught building a barn without proper permits then you will have to pay fines. That’s more wasted money! Sound and functional plans that are properly engineered to meet building codes will not be free. It takes time and effort to make those plans. Start your project off the right way and you will be pleased with the end result.

Paying for your blueprints instead of getting free gambrel barn plans is a small expense that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus it will save you a lot of headaches too.

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Kerry McKinney can be called a barn building machine.  He’s built two of his own barns himself and has helped many friends and family do the same.

Anyone can build their own barn as long as they have a good set of plans, the proper tools, and the right attitude.

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