Free Gambrel Barn Plans – the Risks Outweigh the Savings

Are you considering constructing a barn using free Gambrel barn plans? If you are, then there are some items that you must consider first. Unfortunately when it comes to these items you may find yourself having to purchase blueprints as the free blueprints available are not worth the minor savings.

So why should you consider avoiding plans for building a Gambrel barn that are being offered to you for free? Below we take a look at some of the reasons.

1. First off, you may discover that the blueprints you get don’t give you all the data you need to purchase the materials. Plus, in a great many cases, they don’t even have detailed instructions with regards to how the barn needs to be constructed.

2. What you will often find is that when it comes to free Gambrel barn plans offered online, they don’t tell you what you need to know with regards to the regulations of constructing such structures. If you are not extremely cautious, you may find yourself building the barn and then having the local authority showing up out of the blue on your property requesting it be demolished because planning permission was not granted or it is too large a structure for the property on which it was built.

3. Yes, you didn’t pay for these Gambrel barn plans initially, but the plans could end up costing you considerably more in the future. Without the proper information regarding the type of materials and lengths your lumber should be, you are going to end up cutting the wood the wrong way and having to purchase more to replace it. In addition, if the barn is erected without the right planning permissions or permits, then you are going to be faced with not only the cost of demolishing the barn but the fines imposed by the local authority for initially constructing it.

So to conclude, yes, free Gambrel barn plans will save you money, about $50 bucks. But when you consider the amount of money you will be investing in the barn, $50 bucks is basically zilch. Use professionally designed gambrel barn plans, and you will save on materials, permitting fees, and even headaches! It just makes sense.

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Kerry McKinney can be called a barn building machine.  He’s built two of his own barns himself and has helped many friends and family do the same.

Anyone can build their own barn as long as they have a good set of plans, the proper tools, and the right attitude.

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