Free Gambrel Shed Plans Are a Terrible Way to Start Your Project

Most people initially begin planning their project by googling free gambrel shed plans.  However, once the plans are downloaded or printed the majority of folks can tell right away that it is close to impossible to build anything with those plans. 

They end up either purchasing professional gambrel shed plans or getting discouraged and purchasing an expensive kit. The sad few that actually attempts to construct their barn with the free plans are usually left with a half built shed and no budget left.

A good set of plans will run you around $50, but can save you hundreds or even thousands depending on the size of your shed. They are very clear and easy to use with step by step instructions, which means less headaches or unexpected situations for you to deal with. Any average Joe or Jane can build a shed with these plans.

They also come with a materials list and a cut sheet, which will allow you to purchase the exact amount of materials you need with no waste. No waste means money saved.

These handy lists also eliminate the need for multiple trips to the hardware store. Simply give the store the list and most will do the rest for you. Most kits only supply the hardware and plans anyway. You have to purchase the lumber yourself. Cut costs by purchasing just the gambrel barn plans.

Professional plans like these takes many, many hours to create. The guys or gals creating them will usually have an engineering degree with a lot of experience in barn or shed construction. So, its no wonder that good, usable plans are not free.

A gambrel shed will increase your property value, give you more storage space, and will be on your property for years to come. Does it really make sense to start a project like this with a set of free gambrel shed plans? Save yourself the headaches, and invest in professionally done blueprints.

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Kerry McKinney can be called a barn building machine.  He’s built two of his own barns himself and has helped many friends and family do the same.

Anyone can build their own barn as long as they have a good set of plans, the proper tools, and the right attitude.

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