Gambrel Roof Pole Barn Plans or Salt Box Pole Barn Plans

With all the different types of pole barn construction design plans available, how do you choose which one to build?  Just to name a few different styles or options of pole barn designs, you have gambrel roof, saltbox, and shed roof.  Some people combine plans and have a gambrel roof with a shed roof coming off the side, which is used as a porch or even on both sides and used as more room.  When trying to choose what style is right for you, you need to consider your use or need for it.

With all the different types of pole barn plans, you can find a set of plans and drawings for every use you can imagine. 

In fact, not too far from me some people just got through building a gable roof pole barn for their house.  When we first saw them start building, we assumed they were building a horse barn.  They started with the pole framework and then poured the concrete slab.  It was not until they had it nearly complete that we knew it was their house.  Once the rock was going up and the chimney for the fireplace went up, we knew it was definitely not a horse barn.  It turned out very nice, it actually does not even look like a barn now, but the way it going together, we just knew it was a barn.

That is just one example use of a pole barn.  One of the major bonuses of using gambrel roof pole barn plans or saltbox pole barn plans are the versatility. 

With a good set of gambrel roof pole barn plans, you can adjust the size of the barn easily.  You do not have to worry about changing the size of a room and affecting the overall integrity, and strength of the structure.   Most of the plans rely on the walls and roof structure as the only support.  Interior walls are unnecessary for structural support.  The main interior consists of a loft, or second story level. 

Saltbox pole barn plans are similar.  They usually have a tapered roofline that is two stories on one end and taper down to one story.  These are not traditional used for houses, but you can use it for whatever you want, after all, you are the one building it, right?

Gabel roof design looks very much like your typical house.  It is a basic v shaped roof.  A gambrel roof is more of your traditional looking barn roof.  A saltbox is a flat roof, or shed roof.

These are just a few examples of pole barn plans.  Do some research and let your imagination wander and you find the perfect set of plans for you. 

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