How to Layout and Build Trusses for Your Gambrel Barn or Shed Free Plans

How to layout and Build trusses for your gambrel barn or shed free plans. This is how to do it easily without needed advanced trigonometry skills or advanced mathmatics. If you can measure, trace, and divide by two. You can do this layout.
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6 Responses to “How to Layout and Build Trusses for Your Gambrel Barn or Shed Free Plans”

  • riverupdude:

    That was very kind and informative. I’m builing a shed , wish to go tall ! 😉

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  • perkinsfan:

    Thanks for the video.. I was wondering if it is possible to build a cabin like yours with the dimensions 14′ or 16′ wide, and 32′ long with 2 bedrooms in the loft? I need at least 6’6 clearance in the center of the upper rooms. I would prefer 8′ walls downstairs. (If I have to lose the height of the ceiling joist in the lower rooms to gain in the upper rooms, that is fine.) Will 2*6’s support the top? or larger boards needed? Thank u !

  • filby209:

    Awesome do it yourself video. I like your approach on teaching other people. This video was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I especially like your comment on living in a town where people arent dying some much LOL ( I am a paramedic). =) Now I just need to find a video on how to install gang nails with out the use of a press.

  • bartenderjoemccrory:

    Very informative video! Thank you for taking the time to post this “HOW TO” video. I now understand how to do it myself and correctly, and I am definitely more at ease approaching my 12’x24′ gambrel shed!

  • briansmobile1:

    @badams48 Glad you liked it!

  • badams48:

    Good tutorial video. I am planning to build a gambrel barn shed and the video was very helpful. Thanks.