Ten Easy Steps for a Better Gambrel Shed

When’s the last time you thought about adding some much needed storage for your yard’s equipment or personal things. Plan on having a shed of your own? Using the right plans and methods? Well, gambrel sheds are a fantastic way of having a shed thats practical, and with an old country style about them, makes them popular choice even for today.

Here I’ll show you 10 simple steps that goes over preparing and planning your shed to have strong and durable protection against natures elements. We take a look at weatherproofing, location, selecting the right plans and much more.

Step 1 – Have a think and plan out what type of gambrel shed you want. A large shed for your collectables or a something handy to store things that are lying around and in the way. Do some research, jump on the internet or visit your local hardware or building supply store and browse their product range. Look around, both places may have a variety to look at with different styles to see.

Step 2 – Draw up a simple blueprint, paying attention on what priorities you need the shed to handle and the size and layout you would require. This is really helpful as it makes it easier on you when choosing shed plans and eliminating mistakes you might not of seen. Also it clears things up a bit when your looking at the types of gambrel sheds out there.

Step 3 – A good draftsman or engineer can draw up your plans with the modifications or adjustments you want made. It is costly if you choose this way with iterations or revisions being made, but depending on who you pick, you have access to professional advice along the way.

Step 4 – Going online and looking at shed plans are another option that is open to you with many to choose from and a price that is easy on your pocket. A lot of shed owners have gone in this direction with excellent results. Read testimonials and see how people rate the value of buying plans online. Some great sites offer a money back guarantee and they also explain the level of expertise needed, which can range from a beginner to a qualified builder.

Step 5 – Now, not all plans are the same so lets go a little deeper and see what you should be getting. For starters, blueprint designs of the gambrel shed, illustrations and diagrams, clear and simple step by step instructions, the type of roof system needed, base and flooring foundations, side wall and trimming, list of needed tools and materials, and professional methods for construction. Theres is more to it and instructional supported materials are supplied differently for the types of projects on offer.

Step 6 – Gambrel sheds can start out at 8 foot wide and as big as 14 to 16 feet wide. You can go for a smaller or larger sized shed, having a design plan thats customized for a particular size your after. Your budget and amount of storage you require will directly influence the decisions you make here.

Step 7 – The floor is a key feature and your plans are integral to this. Remember to think about this when you decide on having the gambrel shed in a fixed or temporary position. A skid base will give you an option to move it later to a better location if you need to.Your footing and side walls should be laid out within the plans with start and finish instructions to help the process along. These two factors naturally go up before the roof can be constructed.

Step 8 – The inside height can give you extra storage space so looking at your plans will give you an idea of how much you can play with. Thats the good thing about gambrel sheds, they give more room overall, according to height and space around the ground. Inside, the roof is angled in a way to promote this, which in the end is a bigger area for you in all directions.

Step 9 – You want your gambrel roof to be accurate and symmetrical and this comes together with the placement of the rafters. Follow the step by step instructions either with a trained eye or a qualified builder. Using the rafters, lay one as a template and the others traced in exactly the same steps. In other words use the first one as a template for them to follow, you will appreciate the correctness of these steps as it will give you a roof without bows and is aligned accurately

Step 10 – A good idea is to view gambrel sheds up close and see how they are made. Wood is the best material here, being the strongest and most expensive to build. This though, guarantees that your shed is well protected and maintenance-free for the first few years. Their seen in a range of styles and designs and when you choose wood, they give an attractive. charming look with a classic country barn feel about them.


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