Traditional Barn Construction Kit: Build Your Own Barn

Traditional barns come in many sizes and shapes.  They are normally made out of wood, with post and beam construction.  Traditional barns have many uses from horse barn, or housing for livestock, hobby barn, workshop or garage.  Its uses are limitless.  If you have some carpentry skills, there are traditional barn construction kits that provide a step by step guide to build a barn.

Traditional barns are beautiful works of art which adorn the countryside with their raised roofs, cupolas and rugged construction.  Their strength, endurance and rustic look bring the charm of the past into the present.  There is a feeling of warmth and comfort about a barn that no other monument can capture.

There are different designs which offer very attractive alternatives.  The majestic Monitor Barn with its raised loft walls and ceiling offers the perfect space for a loft apartment, office, or storage space on the upper level.  The Gambrel Barn, reminiscent of our Pioneer heritage, offers very open usable space because of the design of the roof which creates openness.  The Gable Barn, with its pointed roof equal on both sides, is simple and gracious.

Create and own your own barn.  With the use of a traditional barn construction kit you will be able to build your own barn by following blueprints and plans that will take you step by step from start to finish.  You will get an exact material list with dimensions and exact measurements.  There are kits that will even include the wood.

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